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RMS...Remote Monitoring Service

Our service remotely monitors any device -or- system with an IP address to know the status and/or particular attributes of those devices -or- systems. Examples of this include computers, email servers, web servers, routers, IP Thermostats, et cetera. Our service uses the Nagios application with supplemental software construction. There are literally thousands of checks available, from a particular machine to a particular service running on that machine. The thrust of the service is to notify users by email and/or text message to a cell phone when there is a problem with a networked resource.


We are an ASHRAE registered vendor for the BACnet interoperability protocol. Our BACnet ID is 376. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with details of your BACnet embedded devices.

BACnet® is a registered trademark of ASHRAE.

A Remote Monitoring Service involves a great deal more than just an application that runs on the operating system of a computer. It involves knowing what service checks need to occur, in what order, and how to structure notifications to ensure that service recovery occurs without causing nuisance. Organizations both small and large have all kinds of needs that can be met through our Remote Monitoring Service.

Remote Monitoring Service - Executive Summary

The domain name REMOTE-MON.COM is part of the Stephen H. Dawson Computer Service family of services.

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